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 Katie James


Katie teaches in village halls, one-to-one and in yoga studios. 

She teaches adults with learning disabilities and people with ME/CFS. She also has ten years’ experience of delivering yoga to people in prison.

She is greatly influenced by the teachings of her inspirational teacher, Sannyasi Mahamani and continues to seek her guidance and wisdom. 

Katie is also influenced by the many wonderful, talented, hugely knowledgeable and gifted teachers she has had the honour to practice and learn with.

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My style and approach to teaching yoga

My style has its roots in traditional Hatha yoga and from here my approach has reflected different teachings I have experienced on my journey. These influences come from the principles of ashtanga/anusara/flow yoga and more recently yin yoga.
In my classes you will  be gently reminded of the breath and encouraged to engage your bandhas (muscles to support your posture). My style is always enthusiastic, inspiring and from the heart.You will always find a warm welcome, a big smile, a kind heart, laughter and energy in my classes.

What has Yoga taught me

Yoga for me has created a connectedness; a sense of balance, peace and calm. I have found no better tools to draw on than yoga as an antidote to what changes life throws a me. It has helped me manage and absorb it, grow and appreciate. And, there is one guarantee in life – things change – and what better tool to have than a practice that will help you stay connected and centred. I have heard it said that:

 “If we are more connected with ourselves then we can be better connected with everything around us and be more at peace with how things change.”

My Favourite Yoga Pose

Warrior 1. Virabhadrasana 1 – the pose celebrates the spiritual warrior within and is great for building a feeling of  self confidence. It inspires power, energy, open heartedness, expansion and feeling of being fully alive

My Experience

My training and experience includes

  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching with Distinction from the Inner Healing School of Yoga (2006) which is a member of the Independent Yoga Network, IYN

  • British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) member

  • Prison Phoenix Trust - prison teaching supported by the PPT

  • Yoga with people with learning disabilities

  • Yoga with people with ME/CFS 

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR

  • Reiki Healing Level 1 and 2


My recent Continuous Professional Development, CPD, has more recently covered:

  • Yoga and the aging body with the Yoga for Health and Education Trust

  • Yin Yoga Level 1 with Sarah Lo

  • The Spine as an Organ of the Breath with Catherine Annis

  • Touch In Yoga, with Kate Ellis

  • Pelvic Fluidity with Gary Carter

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