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Yin yoga practice will transform your life

I was drawn to Sarah Lo’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training following a couple introductions to Yin Yoga workshops (liver and heart and lung sequence). I came away from these workshops feeling physically stiff and heavy and emotionally drained and low. I realised I was carrying ‘something’ in my body that need further inquiry.

The Yin Teacher Training also coincided with my personal experience of acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese herbal remedies for severe oedema.  A weakness in the function of my kidneys, spleen and lungs resulted in my fluids not being processed properly a swelling of my limbs and face. I recovered after three months of intense Chinese treatments, during which I was still able to continue working and teaching. I wanted to learn more about Chi energy and how to channel vital Chi energy to promote organ health thorough postures and doing a Yin Yoga Teacher Training seemed perfect. I had not appreciated the psychological enquiry that came along with this but of course, it’s all connected.

I’m on a journey with my Yin Yoga. There’s a lot more surrendering to do, challenge to overcome, more releasing of the tightness, the resistance but the payoff is self-transformation.  An intimate knowing and understanding of myself; a letting go of old, destructive, habits, thoughts; an awareness of my own paradoxes, denials and inconsistencies; an acceptance of everything that’s made me who I am today;  compassion for myself and the choices and decisions I’ve made. Yin Yoga is a journey of self-transformation and self-discovery.

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